Saturday, December 23, 2006

Entergy...Keeping Them Honest

Living within the the five mile CIRCLE OF DEATH that is the hideously dark and fetid shadow of Indian Point 2 and 3, and knowing that re licensing is not good for us as citizens, this blog has been prepared to A) keep Entergy Nuclear North East honest, B) hold the NRC accountable, and force them to protect the public instead of their licensees, and C) provide people information on the decrepit failing facilities that are Buchanan's failing reactors known collectively as Indian Point without the bias and conflict of interest exhibited by people earning a living and/or benefiting financially from the continued unsafe operation of these facilities. It is believed that citizens should have access to facts NOT CLOUDED by greed and corporate bottom line profits, so that they can form opinions based on unbiased information, rather than manipulated half truths, or worse information formed in a fashion to mitigate true risks to our health and the environment. The TIME HAS COME to share the ugly truth about Nuclear Power, time to hold Entergy and the NRC to their promise of closing the failing and flawed facilities when their license expires in 2015...we need decommissioning, not re licensing. Our area of the Hudson River Valley has been raped and pillaged long enough, and the time for action to shut this facility down is upon us.

Entergy Watch-Royce Penstinger

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