Monday, December 25, 2006

Entergy Stock Holders...You Should Be Asking Questions

So, this just in from a little bird.........

Could Entergy be shorting changing it's SHARE HOLDERS by keeping dividends down? Here is the skinny on it, and you be the judge, as it is not a stock to own if you ask me.

Seems that the dividends were again kept WAY DOWN...meanwhile, seems that Entergy is very quietly BUYING BACK THEIR OWN the tune this year alone according to minutes found online of $400 MILLION.

Now, this may be good down the line for those who still have stock, but ask yourselves this...if they were using that money to PAY DIVIDENDS, would your price be going up? In short, it does seem like they are using coming profits to shrink the pool of investors, rather than distributing said profits to those already in the loop, and by keeping dividends well below the industry averages, would that NOT KEEP YOUR SHARE PRICE DOWN just when they are wanting to buy a lot of it back up?

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